Chere' Pepper | Grammy Considered Nashville Recording Artist | Bio

Chere’ began singing and playing guitar at age 5, listening to Loretta Lynn on the radio and studying songs and their structure. She fronted a Country band at age 12 but the Lord called her to sing for Him early in her 20’s. Since then she has released 10 Solo Projects, 5 Contemporary Christian Albums and 5 Country/Pop Nashville Recordings. Her career soared with the 2014 Grammy Considered “Armor Of God” release, then she crossed over with the release of her first Mainstream “Chere’ Pepper” Self Titled release featuring the single “Cowboy Boots”. Chere's Christian events delight audiences with upbeat original songs that encourage and teach basic principles for Christian living, appealing to all audiences. Chere' is an acoustic artist with a contemporary feel. She captivates viewers, leaving them uplifted, encouraged, motivated and ready to serve!
Audience Impact:
"Few songwriters can blend their passion for music and the Lord as well as Chere'. To the listening ear, there's a sermon in every song. To the seeking heart, there is hope within each melody. I have seen all ages respond to the presence of the Lord when Chere' shares her gift of song. "Bruce Crockett, Pastor- CRC Church"


"I've known Chere' Pepper for many years and she carries God in her life and it shows in every conversation. Chere's love of the Lord shines so brightly in her music ministry. As you watch and hear her sing, you experience the Spirit of Gods Love." - Fran Calhoun - Crosswinds Community Church
"How can I describe an open heart.... what you see is what you get! God has given Chere' a desire to share His love and teachings through song. Her music comes straight from the heart. Her music is open, honest, worshipful, powerful and the truth is there for all to hear." - Gwen Hodges, Milan Free Methodist Church
"Chere' Pepper loves Jesus Christ for who He is and what He's done in her life.... and she will tell you so! Chere' is very professional and open to share. It is a pleasure to have her share her faith walk through her music ministry. - Steve Stemple, Pastor, Bangor Free Methodist Church