Hippity Hop 5K at Potter Park Zoo

DJ Press Kit

Chere Pepper Music offers race day event DJ and announcing services which includes full powered sound system, playing music and handling all race management announcements required for your event. As a runner, coach, and race director herself, she understands what is necessary in planning a successful event. Her PA system is self powered and there is no need for electricity. Music playlists can be customized according to your event from oldies to country to pop or a variety. She also offers this service for political speaking events, as well as any event needing a sound system, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Chere is also a professional vocalist and can include the singing of the national anthem at no additional charge. She is also available for live acoustic performances as well for corporate events, supper clubs, churches, weddings, funerals and any event in need of music.

Spring Trail Trot

Setting up and providing proper sound is an art in itself and it can make or break your event. Trust Chere to help your event be a success. cherepepper@gmail.com | (517) 745-0249 cell.