Chere' Pepper | Grammy Considered Nashville Recording Artist | Bio

Chere' Pepper, a One Girl Show! Her John Denver style Country shows are Wholesome and family friendly. She shares in Theaters, Festivals, Benefits, Banquets, Corporate events, Supper Clubs, Private parties and any event that is more family friendly and positive. She shares songs of life and love and is encouraging and uplifting to all.

Chere' is an Acoustic Artist, with a Contemporary Country feel. Her sound is unique but is described as a cross between Shania Twain, Gretchen Wilson and Tanya Tucker. Her shows are energetic, and moving as she shares a combination of covers and original songs on Guitar and Ukulele. She leaves you feeling inspired, enlightened and feeling good! Her prolific songwriting will amaze you as each song has a message that resonates with all ages.

Past Events

Petra - Opening Act
Patch Adams - Concert in the park event
Loretta Lynn's Ranch

Nashville Studio 23 TV Live Broadcasts
Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series 2015
American Cancer Society Events
Pleasant Lake Pub and Local Venues
National Anthem- Lansing Capital City Marathon, and many Events Annually
Fundraising Benefit Concerts, Fairs, Casinos


"I've known Chere for many years, and what you see is what you get! She is the real deal. Her personality connects with audiences through her music, leaving you uplifted, energized with a sense of purpose. Her positive lyrics and songs of Love leave you feeling good and wanting more. I have all her CD's !"   - Susan Anderson
"Her Original music is unbelievable. I don't understand why she is not famous. I don't think she can write a bad song. Her combination of Covers and Originals leave you wondering who wrote what, her songs are so good and her heart and emotions shine through her music. She is extremely professional! We were very blessed here at the Restaurant to have her."   - Kim Cantrell,  The Tinselhouse Pub
"I've been working in the recording studio with musical artists since 1970. Some have a fantastic voice, some extremely talented and some with a degree of integrity that makes them wonderful to work with. Chere' Pepper possesses all of these qualities. I have produced several albums with her. I find her uplifting to all those around her."   - JC Unger, Musician/Producer (Sugar Lieu Productions, Inc.)